Time is a precious comodity ​”How are you using yours?”

Its Sunday and my body feels like it’s been thrown around a fucking washing machine on spin wash! I am seriously rethinking this skiing malarky, whilst I do enjoy it and let’s be fair it’s better than being at home doing nowt, it has been a compromise I have made for the past 5 years and needs some serious reconsideration on my part. Although I didn’t take me laptop, hence the absence on here but I did take a Christmas gift, a lovely note book that simply says “Little book of ideas” gifted to me by my youngest. I have been still doing a lot of reading, reflection, dictation to my phone (which is a great way of capturing ideas immediately) and writing, in fact I couldn’t wait to get home, back into me little room and start tapping away again at the keys – so here I am. 

One of the things that I did ponder a-lot about whilst away from the normal distractions from life was “Time” and how undervalued, underestimated and quite frankly it is taken for granted, so wanted to explore it more on here.

I’m 48 now and 49 this year and my initial desire back in June 2018, when I started committing to writing, was to have completed writing the book “Blood is thicker than Alcohol” by my 50th Birthday 29th May 2020. To be honest starting this blog hadn’t factored in any other the original plan but here I am 6 months in with this being my 100th post FUCK ME!

I have mentioned before that when I was struggling with university coming up to my 40th Birthday, I procrastinated a lot, in fact I even procrastinated about procrastinating, I came across a quote, don’t ask me where, or why but it resonated with me so much I had it tattooed on me foot as a gift to myself the quote says “Procrastination is the thief of time”. 

I did an Instagram post whilst away that said  ‘There are 24 hours in a day and 168 in a week, just over a quarter of that time is spent on sleep and thats if your getting 7hrs or more which over a week leaves 119 hours left. For me another 37+ of my hours are dedicated to work, leaving me 82 hours left a week to play around with. Not bad eh? But then lets break that down a little more. In those 82 hours I need to find time for my family, commitments or engagements, housework, preparation, planning, being there for others and some where in the middle of all this I need to find and make time for me. 

Before starting this journey, I would have never dreamed of getting up an hour earlier before work to spend some time on me, but now its a priority for those 7 hours a week leaving 75 for all of the above. 

Social media, this was one of my main observations whilst away, the amount of time I observed people spending on their phones, myself included I used to be a fucker with it, responding to messages, or chatting to mates, seeing what everyone’s been up to, my phone is the was the first thing I looked at when walking up, (cos the alarms on me phone) I could go online, Facebook for a quick snoop and before I know it I have been staring at the fucker for an hour! Then there’s the time spent in between the day, on the bus into work, or breaks, lunchtime, traveling home from work, getting in from work, having a cheeky glance whilst adverts are on or during a shit boring tv program Pat is making me watch. Christ I working in the addiction field and I have to confess I think I had and perhaps still have a little too much dependency on social media which is just another form of procrastination.

So back to the math 75 hrs left in the week, if I was honest with myself I would / could guesstimate that I perhaps spend 3 hrs a day on Social Media, 21 a week, that’s 54 hours left for the week and that is not a lot to fit in, because quite frankly distractions in life cost us time, and despite all the planning or preparation you can guarantee that you are going to use some of your specious time for something unexpectedly happening, out of your control or someone needing your time and attention, say a loved one who might be having a bad time, who may need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen, be there, be present, this uses up your precious time. 

So my new New Years Resolution is to use my hours and time more wisely, practicing to say NO to things I don’t want to do and say YES more to the thing’s that make me happy, content like writing and accomplishing my goal to produce a book.

I indend on dong this by replacing the time I would have spent on social media, doing more reading, writing, sat here tapping away in me room, spending more time #Havingawordwimesn opposed to wasting precious time seeing what some one had for dinner!

Time is a precious commodity, we are get one shot of this life, I dread to think on reflection just how many hours, years I wasted on a relationship, worrying or thinking about what other people think before I might have taken any action, or how much time I have spent procrastinating so before I go ask yourself this, out of all the free hours you have allocated for you

  • How much time do you spend worrying about things, sometimes things that might never happen?
  • How much time do you dedicate to a relationship? Are you giving too much or not enough perhaps?
  • How much of your time you are dedicating or committing to doing something that you don’t really want to do? 
  • How much time do you allocate for yourself just to take a step back and think about you?
  • How many hours are you wasting on social media?

Reet I’m off, after a gawgus Sunday dinner prepared by or old man, I’m off for my weekly Sunday Siesta and after skiing and travelling for a week the couple of hours spent snoozing are definatly going to be worth it

Love Fordy x

Time is the best gift

Life’s good, I am grateful for what have and who I have around me, but don’t get that confused with my life being perfect. No fuckers life is perfect, there will be moments where life feels amazing, where special memories are made, moments with loved ones, surprise acts of kindness, feeling loved, feeling safe, feeling secure, these are all memories and feelings that I save, protect in my memory box and bring out for those special occasions when life feels tough. I am writing this morning with someone else in mind.

But there is ALWAYS a flip side side quite often people don’t want to or cannot seem to grasp or to face up to the reality that a perfect life doesn’t exist. They wont post sad pictures on social media, those post are only reserved for happy times, I am guilty of this too don’t get me wrong. This is a part of society that I struggle with the most, the invisible fear that surrounds us that we cannot allow others to know or suspect that we are not so perfect or we fear of offloading our own burdens to others ‘just incase’ they misinterpret us or judge us, these conversations are normally reserved or shared with close friends and loved ones who we trust. If you have that one or a few people who you feel you can share and offload your burdens to, remember you are truly blessed, but you are still on your own and people still avoid this ‘being alone’ like the bubonic plague! 

We all have flaws, we all make mistakes, we all carry regrets or desires to change our past, desires to change our futures but we are not alone in feeling this we are not unique, we are the same as everyone else, and in my opinion once we are able to accept this fact we can start to come to terms with our own lives on our own terms. once we start to accept ourselves and recognise we are not perfect then we can start to separate the bullshit from our own reality and let go of the invisible negative shit that we carry around with us. 

There are moments where magic can take place and it is when you are on your own that you can make the biggest difference to yourself, but be warned these are also the moments where we can do the most damage. You are the kindest person you know but you cannot be that kind person to yourself? What’s that all about? The key is to recognize when you are berating yourself for past actions or situations that you can no longer change, is this helping? Is this making you feel better about yourself? What would you say to a loved one who was doing the same, saying the same thing to themselves? You are great at being there for everyone else then why not for yourself? You don’t need to wait or rely on others for reassurance you are doing ok? 

You can do this yourself, if your internal conversation with yourself is negative, question it? Is what you are saying about yourself or to yourself true? Is there any truth in it? Question it?, unpick it, dissect it, tear it apart, often the negative narrative we can have with ourselves starts with something so small, but we have dedicated so much time and energy on the negative that like an onion that starts with a bulb, now has layers and layers surrounding it, that when we attempt to peel the layers back, they can make us cry. We all have the ability to like ourselves more, but it isn’t a quick fix, it isn’t a given, you have to work your shit out on your own, you can seek guidance from others, but you are still on your own. You cannot purchase self-esteem or self-worth off any shelf in a supermarket or online, true self-esteem and worth take’s time. 

Time is all to often taken for granted, rushing around doing, being there for everyone else making no time for you. Making time for yourself, to reflect and dissect the negative narrative and make time to replace the negative and remind yourself YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST and that’s good enough. 

Learning to let go is the hardest part, after all we might have been clinging onto some of the shit for a long time, fuck me we can actually believe some of the shit we tell ourselves. Over the Christmas holiday gift yourself with some time to reflect, then let go and give yourself a break. 

Merry Christmas 

Love Fordy x

The only way to overcome pain is to first learn how to bear it.

Someone asked me the other day “so how many followers do you have on your blog” this was after a conversation about why I started the blog, so I explained again that the blog isn’t a platform for getting attention, I have found since having a break from Alcohol I have found myself, underneath the haze of weekend hangovers I have found a love for reflecting and getting some shit off me chest. I dont do it for the applause I do it for the cause – ME

I don’t and won’t and quite frankly have the time or energy to commit to posting my daily antics on here”fuck me I would never have a life”, but I do still every morning make time for me and that has been the best enlighting moment, personal learning for me this year. Don’t get me wrong over the past 6 months I have had to still deal with shit most of it has been my doing, when I say that what I mean is that is just a by-product of work, I love my job, but it ain’t all fairy tales, there are a few downsides too. But the key learning for me has to be being more open and accepting of the challenges opposed to resisting them. Dealing with being a parent and my internal worries can be a constant form of pain and distress. My health hasn’t been great, in fact, I have been wondering if perhaps it hasn’t been great for a whilst but that I just didn’t realize it or have been taking my body, myself for granted?

But I AM learning the best way I can to try and manage it oppose to trying to ignore it. Life is and can be SHIT, lets not sugar coat stuff, so whilst I would love to sit, isolate and write all day long that isn’t a) realistic and b) quite frankly would get boring at some point, after all I would just end up talking about the color of the four walls.

I decided to go back a start to read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” by Mark Manson) because quite frankly it’s my kind of book, he doesn’t hold back on is use of language nor his blunt attitude to life, He talks about trying to resist or deny shit parts of your life only creates more pain “struggle is a struggle. The denial of failure is a failure. Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame. Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible, but destructive: attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it.” here’s some of my other fave quotes/statements from the book.

“The only way to overcome pain is to first learn how to bear it.”

“The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering.” 

Its the time of year when I am running around like a manic trying to prepare as much as I can for my return to work in the New year, and that’s ok cos it’s like that every year, its nowt new, but I am coping/dealing with it better than previous years. By accepting I have been more prepared and pragmatic about the challenges that have been thrown my way.

That’s me done, its the last day of work for 2018, I still have got plently of shit to plow through, and if I don’t get it all done, that’s ok too. I am sooo looking forward to being able to take the foot off the gas to do some more quality refection and spend more time on me over the Christmas break – who knows, there might be some shitty bits coming my way whilst I am off, but at least I am more prepared and open to embracing shit oppose to trying to avoid it! in the words of Mark Manson – “your not special and you are going to die someday”

So make the fucking most of what you have got !

Love Fordy x

The perfect parent doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean being the best parent you can be doesn’t

We all fundamentally aspire to be happy, or to be content in our own skin, with who we are, we want the very same for loved one’s wether that be family or close friends. We want the exact same thing for our kids too. We want them to grow up into independent, healthy, happy, content and confident adults.  We want for them to know their own minds, be steadfast in all their decision making, we desperately want to protect them from ever being or even feeling emotions such as sadness, hurt, loss or shame. 

We guide them the best we can, based on our own knowledge and experience of dealing with our own life, that’s our ‘Handbook’. We sometimes expect, hope that they are willing to learn from us, from our own mistakes in the hope that they don’t ever have to feel all the shitty negative emotions we ourselves as parents have gone through. I know I have gone to many lengths to prevent or try and protect both of my kids from ever experiancing some of the pain that I have been through or endured. 

We feel that if we can achieve that then for us as parents we feel that we have succeeded in guiding our kids in the right direction. Even though I now know, and accept that there are many things I cannot protect them from, it’s still fucking hard seeing them, doubt themselves, question themselves, doubt that they are loveable, doubt that they are attractive, see themselves as failures.

We all have our own personal goals and aspirations for ourselves, whether that’s to feel better about yourself, lose weight, get the job you always wanted, to have enough money in the bank to feel comfortable, whatever our goals or aspirations are if we sit back and think about it, what we are really trying to do is avoid those negative feelings about ourselves. And I get it after all don’t know anyone who’s life ambitions has been to pursue sadness or feel shit.

Hindsight can be like Chinese fucking torture, repeatedly going over the same old shit you can never change  – One of the hardest lessons I have and am still trying to work through is accepting that my original aspirations and all the pursuits I have endeavored to protect my kids, may never be achieved. That’s not to say I won’t ever stop trying, I know I will never stop trying, but learning to accept that they are on their own journey, learning in their own ways, writing their own handbook on life is a tough pill to swallow.

But foresight is also a wonderful thing. 

I look back on my own life, the stuff I saw, felt and experienced as a kid, or as a young adult and even now in this present moment and I can accept that life isn’t always a fairy tale you cannot sprinkle angel dust on shit and expect it to go magically go away #shithappens even rainbow coloured unicorns still shit and stand in their own shit occasionally. 

One thing that is for certain is that we can never go back and change our past, but what we can do is take more responsibility for how we deal with any of our future endeavours’s learning to accept that all we can do is to keep going, but at the same time practice more self-love and learning to be more self-accepting about ourselves, we might not ever reach our goals whatever they may be—but if you stop or even give up there is one thing that is for certain is that you will never reach them. 

The perfect parent doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean being the best parent you can be doesn’t 

Whats ​in your filing cabinet?

Another night of stress dream’s, still don’t feel 100%, still need to make some time for myself, regroup my thoughts to a calmer place. Spoke to a freind who has had a lot of crap going off in her life recently, who has been keeping off the radar and feels flat. What do you say to someone who is starting to Question themselves? Doubt themselves? Lost themselves? When you lose sight of being present and are constantly in reactive mode or in constant fight or flight mode. I know a friend who has recently lost a son, another who has lost not just her daughter but her unborn grandchild, someone else who is a bystander having to sit back and watch her grandchildren we mistreated, poisoned against her, someone who only has their best interest at heart. A parent whose son is sleeping in the garage because she doesn’t trust to come back into the house, in fear he will steal from the family again, being forced to enforce some tough love when all she really wants to do is hug her son and make everything better. Make him better acting / reacting out of love for someone you care about, dealing with the misinterpretation and accusation that you don’t care? When in fact you care too much.

How does someone manage those painful feelings and emotions

How does someone remind themselves that they are a good person, when all they feel is a failure 

Learning to try and come to terms with the fact that you are not responsible for other peoples emotions, feelings or actions is one of the hardest emotional battles that any one person can try and overcome. You will have days when you feel solid, self assure and then other days when you are riddled with doubt. You know that the self assured, reasonable you is there within you somewhere but you cannot for the life of you see it or feel it. 

How do you find it again? Often our minds become like filing cabinets, we take in so much shit, but don’t address it, just file in at the back of our minds to sort out at a later date. 

But then the filing cabinet starts to get full, to the point you simply cannot stuff anything else in. Then you reach the point where its jammed and BANG it springs open and all the shit you have been filing, ignoring, comes spewing out. Every now and then we all need a clear out, think about how good you feel when you have just tidied all the house? Its clean, the sense satisfaction you feel, especially if you have been putting it off for a while. We all at some point need to have a spring clean of our personal filing cabinets. 

Emptying or rearranging the filing cabinet 

Take a step back 

Make some time to reflect 

Talk to a friend you can trust 

Offload all the toxic thoughts going around in your head 

Practice some self compassion 

Acknowledge how you are feeling – its ok to feel shit 

Do something different 

Do something for you 

Acknowledge, but them throw away the dead wood (thoughts) 

Sort out some of the unresolved issues, priorities them

Bring the priorities to the front of the filing system 

Your filing cabinet can hold a lot more than you think, but it can only store the stuff that you have had a chance to reflect, acknowledge on before putting back or discarding.  You can store some stuff and come back to it at a later date, if you are not ready to address it, but if you just leave it there without any action then it just gets bigger and bigger. 

The mess does go away the rubbish pile gets bigger and bigger, if you are feeling overwhelmed, just reach out to someone you trust and make a start on sorting out your filing cabinet. 

Love Fordy x

Taking a risk

Taking risks 

You say your not a risk taker 

But you take a risk every day

Fear of the unknown 

Wishing you could hibernate and stay at home

Decisions, decisions which one to make?

Knowing full well, either one could be a mistake 

Making decisions  to find you were wrong 

But mistakes are life’s lessons they make you strong

Learning new lessons, when you have learned enough 

“Stop the fucking world I wanna get off”

“I want someone to guide me, tell me what to do”

That way if I’m wrong I can lay the blame on you!

Which direction to take?

Knowing whichever decision it’s “yours” to make 

A mind full questions but the answers don’t come

Why can’t life be simple “fuck it I’m done!”

In life is inevitable 

There are no guarantees 

Time never stops 

So use some of what you have got to take stock 

So be bold be brave

Take a step back

You are doing your best 

No need to compete with the rest


That’s part of the deal

Take one day at a time 

Cos time is a commodity there is no more to  steal



Love Fordy x

Have been waiting for the shit storm to pass

It has been a pretty intense two weeks. 

Have been neglecting my writing of late, I have kept up my personal journal and have been constantly on social media,  riding that wave we call life, trying to keep sight of me mojo, whilst trying not to fall and drown myself with issues including work, being there for family, dealing with unexpected shit that I had not factored into my life, like being fucking ill and being ill doesn’t help the noggin or state of mind, when your mind is occupied with aches and pains for me it distracts me from thinking as clearly. Or being let down by others, ie promises by professionals that have not been met, dealing with fuckwits, an unexpected bereavement, unforeseen work demands, that have required more of my time and attention, juggling my own feelings of guilt (now that’s a whole other blog/book) its like I have been functioning in a constant reactive state, resulting in me being clumsy/sloppy not always on the ball, forgetting silly things, which in turn leaves me feeling like I’ve been incompetent or looking like an incompetent twat! So much so that this Saturday morning instead of waking early to spend time on me sen, I was up at the crack of dawn working and trying to make sense of the past two weeks and looking forward to what the new few has in store.

This #havingawordwitheesen malarky sure has been a stark reminder that I cannot operate in that state for more than a couple of weeks it’s not good for the body or soul. But on a positive note though though, it’s not like I didn’t know it wasn’t coming, I always knew my work life was going to be busy for a couple of weeks and I had made some contingency plans for it, like making sure I made time for myself, like maintaining me journal, practicing to let go of things I cannot control, but I have to say its been tougher than I thought. I am proud to say that apart from one occasion, which I did not repeat, the previously used “fuck it” strategies haven’t been deployed, like coming home and drowning my sorrows down the bottom of a bottle of wine cos that quite frankly just made me feel a 1000 times worse.

But as work commitments are now easing off it finally feels like the shit cloud is finally clearing. And its not all been bad stress, there has been some amazing moments and rewards during the past two weeks, I heard that someone who I respect dearly has been recognised for her selfless work (I cannot say anything as yet, its top secret), the moments of being able to just be present, listen and guide a couple of people out of a sticky situation has been rewarding a good for the soul and on the whole, despite being slightly manic the pain has been worth it (I can say this now) the project has had an amazing impact, with the dedication and passion of a few dedicated amazing people as a team we have managed to inspire many but also get some recognition from the powers that be that this is a project that is worth more investment and time, so fingers crossed that in the future this work can continue but with more resources. And yesterday, finally after weeks of waiting, my little bro got the news that he has been awarded custody of his three children. 

So despite stress and demands of that thing we call life, the good news is I’m still here, I am making the dentist appointment this morning that I absentmindedly forgot about the previous week, I have my health, my family has their health and the shit fog is finally clearing, so much so I can what I have got to look forward to, less work, more time for me, all the Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped, looking forward to some quality family time, I have a skiing holiday coming up, although I will suffer anxiety about breaking a fucking bone all the time I am away, but if I take my time I should be ok!

Thought for today 

Life can and sometimes does consume us, fuck me #shithappens, but never underestimate the power of #haveingwordwitheesen, try not to lose sight of you amongst the shit storm. 


Love Fordy x

“Should I give to people who beg?” 

Well, today is the final day of being stood outdoors manning the Help us Help Cabin and its been a week of highs and lows. I still maintain that I will not give money on the streets to people who ask or beg. The reason I won’t is that I do not think that giving money can replace what I think most people need and that’s a feeling or sense of being connected to other people.

I have spoken, seen and witnessed a lot this past week, so apologies in advance but I will be writing, ranting and offloading about the whole experience, what I have seen, witnessed and my thoughts probably for the next few blogs

The million dollar question throughout the week has been “Should I give to people who Beg?” There it is again, whatever happened to people thinking for themselves!

Don’t get me wrong I try my best to be as understanding as I can, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be freezing me knackers off in friggin winter talking to strangers having conversations. Sometimes though it does feel like, it would be easier trying to explain Abert Einstein’s theory of relativity or quantum physics than trying to explain why some individuals/humans find themselves on the streets asking for money from complete strangers and its not just me but well-experienced workers in the field, some of whom were once on the streets cannot explain. Its certainly going to take more than a 10-minute conversation from a cabin, but at least its a start.

I could describe Sheffield streets as a circus, stood in that cabin I have come across the usual clowns, I’ve come across the guys who can get the laughs, the guys playing cat and mouse with the authorities, I’ve seen the trapeze artist who’s daring stunts leave you holding your breath, these are the same guys who I have seen shamelessly approach unsuspected members of the public asking/demanding money to the illusionists who sit there  on the floor with their notepads claiming to be raising funds for a room for the night. Then you have the vendors who walk the crowd who are not there to entertain, but to sell you an ice-cream cone or a drink during the break, in Sheffield’s circus these would be described as our Big Issue Sellers or vendors. 

Do you remember the days when you would see the guys selling the Sheffield Star on the street corners, with their mobile paper stands, shouting “Morning Star” to attract passers-by who would have their money ready to make that faster than light money transaction, take the folded paper then be on their way to where ever they were going? You don’t see them anymore, in fact, I think there is still a guy who occasionally sells the star at the bottom of the Moor, but gone are the days when they would be practically dotted all over the city center. Back in the day, they would be out first thing with the morning edition, sell the lot then be back out on the streets in the afternoon selling the updated evening version. You would always be guaranteed to get a give smile, thank you, or see a couple of other people stood with the news seller chewing the fat about god knows what! 

Our Big Issue sellers have replaced the old school weather-worn, guys who would be out on the streets, come rain or shine selling the local rag.  I will happily give a Big Issue seller a couple of quid without purchasing a paper, because I know

a) I won’t have the time to read it,

b) They can sell the paper to someone who does have time,

c) I’d rather chat and have a conversation, say hi, have they been busy? (ya know the same kind of question you would ask a taxi driver, who you have never met before, just to make small talk and the journey a little more pleasant)

d) I’ll happily chuck em a couple of quid just in case they don’t sell all their papers I mean the poor fuckers are out there come rain or shine selling newspapers to earn an honest living, well as honest as it gets.

And to those who say “yeh but they are still spending their earnings on drugs!” I’d say, “so fucking what? I don’t have to tell you what I spend my money on because I have earned it”. They are no different to all the big shots or your average Joe who thinks it’s acceptable to be shoving copious amounts of coke up their nose every weekend, because it’s cool or because they can afford it!

I can absolutely guarantee that every single one of those guys stood there who has invested £1.25 per paper to sell for £2.50 has more resilience than every ten or hundred of all those people who walk by pretending not to see them. They are some of the bravest guys I know, they stand and take the punches of rejection on a daily basis, they put themselves out there, exposed to the elements and looks from thousands of strangers walking past, dealing with looks that I can only guess can feel icier that a northerly wind.

Can you imagine asking someone to trade places for a day? (well, in fact, they do to help raise awareness) but can you imagine asking some of the younger generation, or your keyboard warriors, or them in their ivory towers having a go?

The guys who sell the Big Issue’s in our towns and city centers are just like you and me the only difference is they make their living on the streets and there personal circumstances may be slightly different to ours,  they may be either homeless, vulnerably housed or just in need of earning an income.

If you have never bought a Big issue, or haven’t for a while, do ya sen and them a favor, stop have a chat, drop em a quid or buy one of their papers, or even give em a hug! you will never know just how much that will mean to them.

So when someone asks me “should I give to people who beg?” My response will always be, “you decide?” but before making your decision, please do your research, check to see if there is already support out there ask yourself “will this change, change this person’s life?” If the answer is NO then to ask yourself “How else could I help this person?”.

Right rant over, I’m off to the dentist to sort this fucking tooth out, then back to the stall for one last day, but still left with plenty more to think about, rant about for a few more blogs I suspect

But whatever you are doing or have planned for today look after ya sen, Love Fordy x

You dont lose your mojo – You just cannot see it

“lost me mojo”, it’s a common phrase, but what does it actually mean. Yes this is what I was reflecting on this morning, playing over me noggin whilst being bathed in the fake sunrise from the bedside alarm clock. “What the fuck does losing ya Mojo mean?” I looked it up according to the Oxford Dictionary it’s A magic charm, talisman, or spell. And according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it’s a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

And according to Wikipedia Mojo is something commonly served with fresh bread rolls at the beginning of a meal. “Well, I’ll have a starter at every fucking meal then if that’s the case!”

My definition of “losing me Mojo” has been a combination of things just late…

Firstly I haven’t been physically well, oozing snot/water that could have refilled the Lady Bower Reservoir perhaps might have prevented the mindless fuck’s vandalizing the of Derwent village, “Nice work now ‘Cheryl’ and ‘Steve’ have scratched their names in one of the rocks, I hope you are proud of ya sens ya sad fuckwits!” 

Work – you know I love my work, and it goes through cycles, September (recovery Month) October (planning Help us Help) November organising the Help us Help stall then finally December its the Grand finale of coating the BBN assessments, scoring, organizing the Judging event, which once over will give me some breathing/thinking time before the 10 year BBN anniversary awards in February – YES I am working on work for 2019 already. 

Time – as I have mentioned previously this is something we have no power over, we just have to make the most of what we have got at the given time, having said that, being busy with work has meant I have been kinda feeling like I have lost a little of me Mojo. Well, I say lost, it’s not been lost, I have still made sure that I spend some quality time wi me sen every morning, just not as much as I’d like.  

Injustice and Loss -dealing with the emotions of losing a dear mate, the tragic loss of life and loss for the parents and loved ones close to him. Dealing with the public /social media narrative that “No one is helping anyone anymore” they say scream sat behind their fucking keyboard!

Guilt – of not spending more time with loved ones because my life has been consumed with other external factors, christ I haven’t spoken to me Bessies of late through our closed facebook group! or not seeing or spending enough time with the family. 

And that’s ok, because I was and am acutely aware that the previous and next couple of months were always going to be busy, the difference between this year and previous years is that instead of running around like a demented, victim filled moron/fuckwit, complaining and moaning about the overwhelming pressures of work – I have been a lot calmer, a lot more rational,  now I’m not saying I haven’t been stressed or overwhelmed,  the negative narrative chattering in me noggin has still been running at 100 miles per hour, but I have, I have to say felt like I have coped a lot better than previous years. I used to be plagued by a physical feeling that would come on when stressed, wait for it… “my teeth would actually start tingling” yes you heard right, there were times it felt that they were falling out. I was talking to Helen me mate at work the other day, “I cannot remember the last time I had that feeling?” Well apart from losing half of me tooth after eating a curly whirly last Saturday – but hopefully the dentist can sort that one out tomorrow! “I’m having a teeth tingling moment” used to be a standing joke in the office! But honestly, I haven’t felt that for a while, which is an indication to me that I am in a better place. Call it mindfulness, offloading me shit on here, making time for me sen, having a word wi me sen, being reflective whatever you want to call it. This morning is the first time in a week or so I have felt I have found a little of me mojo but I don’t believe that my mojo has got nothing to do with magic or is an innate talisman, my mojo has always been there, ‘Its me’ but for a number of reasons, factors as described above, I haven’t been able to see it or feel it of late.

So in summing up (cos this bird has got some work to do), I believe no-one actually loses their mojo, its just sometimes life/emotions get in the way and hides itself from ourselves, we just need to remind ourselves that we always have some mojo, you can find your mojo, but you can see/feel your mojo more clearly by nurturing and watering it occasionally.


Love Fordy x

Chris Scott the Boomarang kid – RIP

Left to right – Chris Scott, Myself and Mick Holmes

Not really had the time to have much of a word wi me sen this week, well not on here anyway. After trying to avoid our old man for much of the previous week I failed miserably and have now got the dreaded lurgy. Two days out in the damp and cold weather probably didn’t help, but thanks to the support from friends and colleagues I have been able to stay at home and hibernate to recover ready for work tomorrow. Only a couple more weeks of deadlines to get out of the way and then I will feel like I can start to unwind in time for the Christmas break. 

I got a call message Friday night, saying that there were rumours that someone I have known for the past 20+ years had passed away and after a few searches on social media and post from people who also knew Chris kinda confirmed it.

I First met Chris when he came through the doors at Kickstart, which was a day rehabilitation center, I had not long since started volunteering there myself. Chris was a charming and charismatic guy who was desperate to get off the gear and he did achieve it and would have long periods of abstinence, he would be the first in line to volunteer and help others, he was acutely aware and conscious of how his using impacted and hurt his family. Chris’s mom, Barbara is one of the nicest women I know, despite her pain she was always there to offer comfort and support to other parents baring their souls in the weekly support groups, she was an active member in a local family support project called RODA, I recall she gave some of the best cuddles. 

Chris’s journey wasn’t easy and after periods of abstinence he would find himself back at the doors at Kickstart for help again. I remember myself and Mick Holmes chatting to him on one of the last occasions explaining that he “Had all the tools, he knew what he had to do, he just needed to use them”.

And he did, Chris went on to volunteer, secured himself a job at a the Burngreave Drugs project, where he was employed by the NHS, something he was extremely proud of, working with others who themselves were struggling with their own demons. Kickstart had folded and I was employed as a family and friends development worker, raising the profile of families who are affected by a loved one’s addiction, Chris took part in a short film to help raise awareness about the importance and benefits of families receiving support, he shared how important it was to him and how family support had actually helped his own recovery. Chris had got married, had a son and on the surface, he was doing great.  I do not know all the ins and outs, but through the recovery jungle drums, he had separated from his wife and it transpired he had either stopped using, forgotten or lost the tools, lost his way and found himself back in a relationship with addiction. Three years ago I was walking the Cholera Monument grounds, responding to reports that someone was sleeping rough when we got there, the den was like makeshift living quarters, it wasn’t until I retrieved some letters on the floor addressed to Chris, that I knew he was in trouble again. I made some calls and was relieved to hear he had touched based again with friends in the treatment services and got himself back on track. 

This was Chris’s signature, he never stayed in that relationship with drugs for long, he was like the fucking boomerang kid, he would get his tool kit out and would always bounce back, he never gave up and I will always admire him for that. Sadly for reasons unknown yet Chris won’t be bouncing back.

I have had many messages via Facebook, from people themselves knew Chris from their time at Kickstart, all of them have moved on with their lives, but all still have very fond memories of Chris. My heart breaks for his mom, who I cannot even to begin to imagine what she must be going through or his family, all I know is that Chris, despite his slip-ups his family have always been there and I know he was always eternally grateful for their support.

So, whilst I am sat here feeling sorry for me sen, this is just another reminder that I/We have a lot to be grateful for, “got no money, feeling shit? fell out wi ya partner?  sort it out, put on 2lbs? #haveafuckingword and remember at least your still breathing!”